3.3. Lithium (v3.X.X) Release Notes

3.3.1. Lithium v3.2.0

  • Added Rigado Dev-Kit
  • Added hostname to /etc/hosts
  • Added zephyr-mode (On/Off scripts)
  • Added zephyr-mode will execute on first boot
  • Added Git Tools - Submodules
  • Upgraded hostapd and wpa_supplicant from 2.5 to 2.6
  • Upgraded to zephyr v1.9.1
  • Applied Security fix key-replay-cve-multiple.patch to hostapd and wpa_supplicant
  • Bugfix: rigtools 2.2.0 - send correct action id after an update
  • Bugix: NXP Thread demo fix - remove static MAC address

3.3.2. Lithium v3.1.0

  • Added git v2.9.3 to vesta-image-developer
  • Updated to zephyr v1.9
  • Enabled HCI for both Bluetooth devices on the Vesta-200 and Vesta-300

3.3.3. Lithium v3.0.1

  • Added patches to bluez to protect against bluebourne attacks
  • Added patches to Linux Kernel to protect against bluebourne attacks

3.3.4. Lithium v3.0.0

  • Added OpenOCD 0.10.0
  • Added OpenOCD support for R41Z and BMD-300 modules
  • Added Zephyr 1.8 binary for BMD-300 module
  • Added nRF52 13.1.0 and softdevice 4.02 binaries for BMD-300 module
  • Added bmd300_program.sh script for general programing of BMD-300 using OpenOCD
  • Added r41z_program.sh script for general programing of R41Z using OpenOCD
  • Added bmd300_program_zephyr.sh script to program BMD-300 with Zephyr binary
  • Added paho-mqtt 3.1
  • Added IOT Gateway Setup feature to allow setup of WiFi using the Gateway as an access point
  • Added NXP Thread Demo


In order to activate and utilize the NXP Thread Demo, you will need a custom serial number and QR code from Rigado directly

  • Upgraded to dgua 2.1.1 to report http error response codes > 400
  • Upgraded to BlueZ 5.45
  • Bugfix: Enabled hardware random number generator
    • fixes: Linux stalling for 2 minutes during boot if wlan0 is set to start automatically
  • Bugfix: Disabled power management on QCA6234 at startup
    • fixes: Long delays in WiFi transmissions