3.1. Boron (v5.x.x) Release NotesΒΆ

Vesta Gateway Board Support Package Boron v5.0.0 release

  • Added support for the Vesta-300 board which uses the imx6ull processor and QCA9377 wifi module.
  • Updated to U-boot 2016.03
  • U-boot source code has been modified to detect board id from eFuses dynamically at run time and logic has been modified to take care of all board versions on the fly.
  • Added BMD345 support. (Vesta-300 boards only)
  • Combined Vesta-200B, 300 and 300B into a single vesta-general machine configuration.
  • Modified Yocto Linux kernel recipe to combine zImage and required dtb files into a single tar ball.
  • Changes were made to U-boot recipe to combine sd and qspi version of U-boot into a single tar ball.
  • File system scripts were added to generate hostname from eFuses for Vesta-300 board.
  • Qualcomm qca9377 driver was ported to 4.1.44 kernel. (Vesta-300 boards only)
  • File system script added to detect the board type dynamically and load the appropriate WiFi drive.
  • Added PL2303 USB support in kernel.