2.7. Setting Time and Date

The Vesta Gateway can be populated with a backup battery to power the internal RTC (Real Time Clock) to allow date and time settings to be maintained over power cycles. However, not all Vesta Gateways are populated with this battery, so you may need to set these values manually during development, or you may wish to enable an automatic method to set the date and time.

2.7.1. Setting date and time manually

The Vesta Gateway date command is part of BusyBox and has a slightly different set of parameters than date on other systems.

You can set the time using a human readable format:

# date -s "2017-04-24 07:27:00"

Note that this is UTC time and should not, therefore, be converted to your local time.

2.7.2. Setting date and time automatically at boot

The Vesta Gateway is configured to run ntpd at boot, which will set the device’s date and time. Make sure the Gateway has a valid Internet connection as it boots up in order to allow this to occur.


If you plan to set up a Gateway behind a firewall, be aware that the firewall may block external NTP requests.