5. GlossaryΒΆ

BusyBox combines tiny versions of many common UNIX utilities into a single small executable.
Deployment Group
Used in DeviceOps. A group of Targets in a Rollout. Uses a Target Filter to define its Targets.
Used in DeviceOps. A distributable set of Software Modules, intended to deliver to a Target.
Used in DeviceOps. A feature of DeviceOps that allows Targets to update in Deployment Groups
Software Module
Used in DeviceOps. A piece of software, such as an operating system or application, intended to be packaged into a Distribution and delivered to a Target.
Used in DeviceOps. A device, corresponding to a piece of hardware (such as a Gateway, or BMD-300 board).
Target Filter
Used in DeviceOps. A query used in filtering Targets.
A tool that builds custom Linux distributions.
Yocto Image
An operating system built by Yocto and ready to install onto a computer.
Yocto Package
A piece of software incorporated into a Yocto image.