1.3. Out of Box

Get familiar with the Vesta Gateway.

1.3.1. Gateway Connections and the Reset Button

Located on the back of the Vesta Gateway.

  • Power: Powers the Vesta Gateway
  • USB Port: Used to attach a USB mass storage device or update the firmware on the Vesta Gateway
  • Reset Button: Holding down this button for 8 seconds will power cycle the Vesta Gateway
  • RJ 45 Connector: Used to attach an Ethernet cable to connect to a local network


1.3.2. User LEDs and Button

  • User LED: The User LED consists of a green and red LED. Illuminating both the red and green LED at the same time will cause the User LED to illuminate yellow. The User LED can be programmed by the user to stay on, off or flash. The default behavior of the User LED is to illuminate yellow while booting and become solid green once the device has successfully booted.
  • User Button: This button is intended to be controlled by the user. There is no default behavior for this button.

1.3.3. Developer Image

Vesta Gateways are pre-loaded with a developer image from the Rigado factory. The developer image is created using Yocto Project. Packages/Features currently available on the Vesta Gateway Developer Image

  • Node Scripting Engine (Node): enables Node.js language capability

  • Python Scripting Engine (Python): enables Python language capability

  • JRE v8 (JRE 8): enables running Java-based applications

  • Node-RED (Node-RED): visual tool for easy prototyping

  • BlueZ (BlueZ): bluetooth libraries and tools for BLE

  • DGUA: agent that talks to Rigado DeviceOps on behalf of the Vesta Gateway and end-devices connect to the Vesta Gateway

  • NTPDate (NTPDate): sets the time on the Gateway by hitting an NTP server on boot

  • Zephyr HCI Controller (Zephyr Project): HCI controller to manage BT communications to the Gateway’s onboard Module

  • PAHO MQTT Client (PAHO MQTT): enables MQTT Client on the Vesta Gateway

  • IoT Frameworks:

    • Wirepas (Wirepas): adaptive mesh networking
  • Additional Cloud Support: meta-iot-cloud (meta-iot-cloud): OpenEmbedded layer to add support for multiple cloud service provider solutions

    • IBM Bluemix (Bluemix): IBM Cloud Services Platform
    • AWS (AWS): Amazon Web Services Platform
    • Azure (Azure): Microsoft Cloud Services Platform
    • Google Cloud Platform (Google Cloud)
  • Thread support: via NXP Integrated Development Experience (IDEx).


UBOOT is not production ready. It has not been vetted for security or locked down yet. You are responsible to maintain the security of your deployed gateway software. Rigado provides tools to help this process, but does not provide security updates to your deployed gateways for you. The developer image is not production ready and is meant only for evaluation and development.