1.5. Logging In

1.5.1. Identifying the Gateway

The Gateway advertises using Multicast DNS. You can use mDNS to find the gateway on Linux and Mac OS natively and on Windows if you install Bonjour or use a special tool.

The default Gateway hostname is the serial number, which is located on a label affixed to the bottom of the unit. It will be of the form nnnnnnnnn-nnnnn.

Once you determine the hostname or IP address of the Gateway, you can connect to it using ssh:

$ ssh root@008030717-00055.local

$ ssh root@

1.5.2. On a Linux system

Use Avahi

$ avahi-browse -tkad local

You will likely see advertisements from many other devices such as printers, Chromecasts, Network attached storage, etc.. Look for the Gateway’s unit serial number using grep:

$ avahi-browse -tkad local | grep -E [0-9]{9}-[0-9]{5}

You can get more verbose info to see the IP address by adding the r flag to avahi-browse and asking grep to return 3 lines after the match:

$ avahi-browse -tkard local | grep -A3 -E [0-9]{9}-[0-9]{5}

1.5.3. On a Mac OS system

Use dns-sd

$ dns-sd -B _ssh._tcp

You may be able to get the IP address by running a different dns-sd command:

$ dns-sd -G v4 080020317-00017.local

1.5.4. On a Windows system

Install Bonjour from Apple using the Bonjour Print Services.

From cmd.exe, run:

> dns-sd.exe -B _ssh._tcp .

Alternatively, use a tool like the mDNS Browser Chrome extension to find the Gateway if you do not want to (or cannot) install Bonjour.

1.5.5. Don’t memorize that IP address!

Of course, the point of mDNS is that you shouldn’t need to know or care about the IP address, especially if it changes when the gateway gets a new DHCP assignment. So just use the full hostname with a .local TLD in your SSH or other IP related commands:

$ ssh root@081020317-00001.local

Replace above with the hostname you found with avahi-browse or dns-sd. You can also match the serial number to the label affixed to the bottom of the Gateway.


This works natively on MAC OS and most Linux distributions.

Keep in mind that ssh connections can fail with long hostnames. See SSH Tricks for the recommended method to make shortcuts to hosts you commonly use.