1.7. Setting Up Vesta Gateway Bluetooth Discovery

1.7.1. Introduction

The Rigado Vesta Gateway comes pre-configured to set up Bluetooth communication when it turns on. This guide is provided for those who install their own images on their Gateway, do their own configuration of the runlevel scripts, or simply want to verify Bluetooth operation.

1.7.2. Procedure

  1. Make sure the Gateway is connected to the Internet and powered on.

  2. Follow the procedures in Log in to log in to the Vesta Gateway:

    user@host:~ $ ssh root@080030717-00055.local
    Last login: Wed Jun  7 20:03:18 2017 from fe80::1815:dbb1:4f4d:d094%eth0
  3. Check that Bluetooth is running and able to scan:

    root@080030717-00055:~# hciconfig
  4. If this does not produce any output, instantiate the hci driver:

    root@080030717-00055:~# hciattach /dev/ttymxc0 ath3k
    Device setup complete
    root@080030717-00055:~# hciconfig
    hci0:   Type: Primary  Bus: UART
            BD Address: 00:3C:7F:F0:F0:0A  ACL MTU: 1021:8  SCO MTU: 124:0
            UP RUNNING
            RX bytes:604 acl:0 sco:0 events:30 errors:0
            TX bytes:399 acl:0 sco:0 commands:30 errors:0
  5. Run a test scan from the command line:

    root@080030717-00055:~# hcitool lescan
    LE Scan ...
    54:60:09:F1:C7:9D (unknown)
    54:60:09:F1:C7:9D (unknown)
    (^C to exit)


The Vesta Gateway offers several options for Bluetooth LE, so this is not enabled on the developer-image by default. This procedure is for the Wi-Fi/BLE device. Other options include the BMD-300 and the R41Z modules.