Welcome to Your New IoT Gateway!

Thank you for choosing a Rigado IoT Gateway. Below are the common steps to get started with a Rigado IoT Gateway.

  1. Register and get access to full documentation

    Register below and we will provide access to additional software and tutorials, notify you of any patches available for your unit, and set up a development account for DeviceOps Release Manager so that you can remotely deploy software to your Gateway. Separate multiple serial numbers with a comma.


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  2. Get Your Gateway on a Network


    To get started with your Gateway either plug it directly into Ethernet or follow our Wi-Fi configuration tutorial to quickly get on a Wi-Fi network.

  3. Get Started with the Dev Kit and other Tutorials

    Use the navigation on the left to browse our extensive tutorials and documentation. Or check out one of these popular starting tutorials

  4. Remotely Deploy Software to Gateways

    Your Gateway is pre-loaded with our Release Management agent. We can remotely deploy security patches, new images, and applications for you. Or contact Support to get your own development environment for DeviceOps Release Management.